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The worst part of blogging for me is giving a title to my posts… That’s where my writers block comes in hard and heavy (thank you for the suggestion, Linda!)  Anyway, I wanted to share a couple little tid-bits from our weekend. 

On Saturday and friend who started out as a customer came over to pick up her sheep.

The lovely Miss Francine was bred to our very handsome ram, Lancelot.  I can’t wait to see what they produce together.  Francine is a very pretty girl with a primitive build and a striking face.  Since her sire was a lilac, we have high hopes that the babies she carries are lilac as well.  Since that is a resessive gene, it is a bit like playing Russian roulette.

Speaking of lilacs, here is Miss Camille.  She will be a year old this spring and is joining Annette over at Daily Grace Farms.

And thirdly, this is Sicily, another yearling.  When my husband picked Sicily up to lift her in to Annette’s truck he said, “Wow, what a nice fleece!  I could snuggle with this one, she’s so soft!”  I love her face.   I hope and pray all three girls will be more than pleasing to their new owner.

Yesterday Annie and I went on a little hike to check on the pond.  We spooked the Canada geese almost immediately and they decided to take off.  The Cacklers and the Coots stuck around an entertained us with their funny antics.  The Coots were hilarious, chasing eachother around an basicly policing eachother and the geese just the same.  We also were amazed that this large pond is mostly frozen.  The geese had no problem walking on top of the ice but any of us, including our dog Penelope (who actually tried), would fall through in an instant.

Annie was very proud to carry her backpack with her baby animals, a water bottle, and a granola bar.  We stopped at her favorite tree to pretend “Milk Store Lady,” which translated means, “Starbucks Barista.” 

Then today I decided to take a picture of all the eggs that are stacking up in the refrigerator.  Currently we have about four dozen.  They make such pretty pictures… Can you tell I’m proud of my Farm Fresh Organic Eggs??

My favorite egg that I get is the one front and center, the chocolate chip egg.  It is laid by our Welsummer named “Welsie.”  Original, I know, but it fits.

Hope everyone out there in my blogosphere is doing well!


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