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First Snow of the Season!

We’re really happy to have this snow, we need it desperately here in Northern California.  Our mountains were without a snow pack, period, and this will certainly help that out.  It started snowing some time in the early morning hours and is continuing steadily (I’m writing this at a little after one o’clock in the afternoon PST.)  We currently have around 5-6″ and building.

Going out to feed this morning was pretty humorous.  Here is Blanche (gold colored) and Bonehead (Leghorn) coming out to see what on earth happened… then promptly they turned and went back inside.  All the chickens demanded warm water and breakfast in bed.  They got their food container filled, a sprinkling of scratch, and a fresh flake of hay to scratch around.  Hopefully that will all keep them entertained for a while.

My favorite little flock of Cackler Geese circled over head, honking and deciding how to read their instruments for a safe landing on the pond.

Penelope was racing around like a crazy woman.  It was a double jacket morning, especially since her legs are so stubby.  She is technically a medium sized dog weighing in at around 55 lbs., but her legs are very short at around six inches long.  She didn’t care though, the smile on her face was priceless while she played.

Despite the cold, Penelope and snow get along quite famously.

I decided to get some photos of our “Dudes” before I threw out a big flake of hay for them, this way they would actually pose for me rather than be stuffing their faces.  And though I thought it was a good idea,…

…Lancelot wasn’t impressed.  “Come on, Lady.  Throw the stinkin’ food already.”

Tristan was being a little fussy about the snow settling on his wool.

After that, he was perfectly fine.  He doesn’t get upset easily.  Lancelot just has a little bit of a ‘tude.

Here’s the girls, diving in to breakfast. 

And Hazel, enjoying every morsel.

The best part is that Annie has a friend over, which means mommy can stay warm and dry without fully participating in the activities of snowball fights, snow angels and the like.  I get to just enjoy taking photos, which is perfectly alright with me!

Winter Sunshine

Happy New Year, everyone.  I hope you’re all entering the new year truly blessed and enjoying life.  We’ve been enjoying (though a little worried about it), the beautiful sunshine we’ve had most the winter.  I really hate to complain about the sun, but I know what lies ahead if we continue without moisture.  Even our local mountains, the Trinity Alps, are with out snow still.

The chickens have certainly been enjoying the lovely weather, and actually continue to lay and begin laying (some from spring have just now started laying).  I’m getting eight eggs most days now (out of ten hens) which I think is pretty good being in mid-winter.


And through all of the clutter of the day, one of the most enjoyable times of the day is hanging with the chickens.  I love to bring the scraps, clean water (warm on frozen days), fill their food dishes and just talk with them.  Being a self-proclaimed “chicken hater” once upon a time, this is definitely a new leaf that has done turned over.  I used to only complain about their poo (which is wonderful for the garden I have now!) and how dirty they are.  Really and truly, they’re so much fun and not messy if you have a large enough area for the number of birds you have. 


Speaking of daily enjoyment, I really would like to blog more.  How frustrating not to!  I really miss it and am sincerely thinking of deleting my Facebook (personal) account so that I can not be distracted.  Most the time I am frustrated with it anyway, so why have it?  I would probably just put in a generic account so I can continue to maintain my Mud Ranch Page because that has been a huge success in marketing my sheep and their wares.  I’ve also been having a hard time thinking I need to be blogging ever day, but if I could set my goal to once a week, that would certainly give myself some release and not feel the pressure at the same time.  So many things keep me occupied lately, as in my husband and his work (I am their steel hauler), plus raising a four year old daughter, and taking on the newsletter for the JSBA (Jacob Sheep Breeder’s Assoc.).  But, with blogging, comes photos and I have certainly not been shooting a lot which is not fun at all.  I need to blog, so that I can shoot.  How’s all that for a New Year’s Resolution?  We’ll see how long it can last.


So here’s to a new year with new beginnings.  If you don’t see me on Facebook so much anymore… Maybe it’s because I’ll be here more often.


And of course, out there, where the girls are… rooting them on.  “Go Star!  Lay that egg!”

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